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REAL FOODS – 100% real foods, 0% added junk.  

BETTER TASTING – No chalky protein isolates, artificial sweeteners, or stevia.

BETTER FOR YOU – 20g protein per serving. Dairy, gluten, and soy free. 

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Looking for the best chocolate protein powder?

Drink Wholesome makes the ONLY chocolate egg white protein powder with 100% real food ingredients. Other protein powders are NOT made with real foods; they are made with protein concentrates or isolates and food additives. 

Other protein powders contain food additives. Although food additives are not necessarily bad for you in small quantities, they can add up quickly, especially if you drink a protein shake every day. At higher quantities, food additives can cause nasty side effects. 

For instance, because highly processed food additives look nothing like real food, we have trouble digesting them. As a result, the trillions of bacteria in our guts have more time to eat and more time to release gas. This gas can cause bloating and stomach pain. Accumulating evidence suggests that food additives also disrupt regulatory pathways in the intestine and can result in the development of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and systemic inflammatory disorders. 

As a rule of thumb, if you cannot pronounce it, it is a food additive. Not sure what to look for? Here are some of the most common additives in protein powder: 

acacia gum, acesulfame potassium, artificial flavors, aspartame, carrageenan, cellulose gum, dextrin, dextrose, erythritol, gellan gum, guar gum, gum arabic, inulin, locust bean gum, “natural” flavors, maltodextrin, rice syrup solids, soy lecithin, silica, sucralose, sunflower lecithin, xanthan gum, xylitol

You may have noticed that this list includes several artificial sweeteners. Recent research suggests that artificial sweeteners are particularly bad for the stomach because they alter the composition of our gut microbiota. 

Other protein powders also contain protein concentrates or isolates, foods chemically and/or mechanically stripped of everything but the protein. Unlike real foods, protein concentrates and isolates are missing the nutrients (healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, etc.) that make food taste good. If your protein shake has a chalky aftertaste, you know what I am talking about. 

Protein isolates are listed on the ingredient list as “whey protein” and “soy protein” as opposed to “whey” and “soybeans.” 

Sick of protein powders that upset your stomach? Sick of protein powders that taste like chalk? Switch to Drink Wholesome. Our chocolate egg protein powder is better for you and better tasting. Happy customers include athletes of all ages, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, people with lactose intolerance, and people with sensitive stomachs.

Why egg whites? Egg whites have a lot going for them from a nutritional standpoint. First of all, egg whites are a complete source of essential branched-chain amino acids. This means that they contain all of the amino acids that the body needs, but cannot produce on its own. The bioavailability egg white protein is also as good as it gets. Bioavailability is a measurement the ability of the body to absorb and use a dietary protein. The higher the bioavailability, the more bang you get for your buck. 

Product Information – 14 servings, 20 grams of plant-based protein per serving. Made by hand in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Refund Policy – Drink Wholesome does not issue refunds or accept returns, but if a product arrives damaged or spoiled we will send a replacement at no cost to you. 

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5 reviews for chocolate

  1. Jessica Kowalski

    Tastes like chocolate milk with a little less sweetness. I love it and the ingredients! It does not come with scoop and the scoop you can buy is not equal to one serving, so I’d save the $1 and just weigh it out yourself. No complaints!

  2. Kristen Herchenroder

    I bought this flavor by accident and its my favorite flavor that I’ve tried. I do not like coconut, but I love it in this protein powder. It gives it a subtle sweetness. When you open the bag you smell coconut and real cocoa, no weird artificial aromas. Tastes delicious with milk and ice. Blends well in a magic bullet.

  3. Tatiana Staloff

    Best protein powder! I use a regular blender with no problems. Really helps post workout.

  4. Sage Nocera

    Right up there with the vanilla taste wise as well as its easiness on the digestive system.

  5. Emilio Eduardo

    This is the only protein powder that doesn’t give me digestive issues. I love this product, the chocolate flavor tastes great and mixes well. I use four scoops a day so I go through one bag a week. Drink wholesome, if you’re reading this please come out with 3 or 5lb tubs!

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