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What are samples?

Samples come in bundles of 2 or 3. You get to pick the flavors. 1 sample contains 1 serving. A sample is designed to give you an idea of how our protein powders and meal replacement powders taste, and how they make you feel. Basically, ordering samples is the best way to figure out if drink wholesome is right for you. It is cheaper than ordering a full-sized bag, and you get to try the exact same recipe used in our full-sized products.

Why order samples?

Have you ever bought a big container of protein powder or meal replacement powder only to realize that it upsets your stomach, or that you do not like how it tastes? At this point, you either have to throw it out, or choke it down, neither of which is any fun. (If only you could have tried it first...) This is why we offer samples. We know that our protein powders and meal replacement powders are delicious and easy to digest, but we want you to see for yourself. If you like them, now you have a better idea of which flavor you like best. If you do not like them, no sweat; at least you did not spend fifty dollars on something that you have to pour down the drain.

How to use your samples.

We recommend mixing the contents of each sample with 1-2 cups cold milk or water in a blender or shaker bottle. If shakes are not your thing, you can also add your samples to oatmeal, yogurt, and even baked goods. Check out our high protein recipes for more ideas.