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vanilla meal replacement powder

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chocolate meal replacement powder

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What are meal replacement powders?

A meal replacement powder can be mixed with milk or water to make a meal replacement shake. A meal replacement shake is intended to replace the nutritional value of a meal, and should have a balance of complete protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. The main source of protein in our high protein meal replacement powders is egg whites. The main source of carbohydrates is gluten-free oats. The main source of fats is almonds. Together, these ingredients will fill you up and give you the nutrition you need to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Why use meal replacement powders?

Meal replacement powders are first and foremost a convenient way to meet your nutritional needs. By mixing them with milk or water, you can quickly and easily make a nutritionally balanced meal. High protein meal replacement powders can also be used to support weight loss and weight gain. By replacing a meal or part of a meal with a high protein meal replacement, you can curb cravings and prevent overeating. This can help you lose weight because protein is the most filling macronutrient. Alternatively, by simply adding a high protein meal replacement shake to your diet, you can increase your calorie and protein intake, which can help you gain weight and muscle mass.

Which meal replacement powder is best for you?

The best meal replacement powder for you will depend on your dietary restrictions (if any) and preferences. Continue reading to find out which of our meal replacement powders is the best option for you. 

Vanilla meal replacement powderVanilla meal replacement powder is the most gut-friendly meal replacement powder. It is made with real Madagascar vanilla beans, and is perfect for people with gut issues and sensitive stomachs. 

Chocolate meal replacement powderChocolate meal replacement powder, when blended with ice and milk, makes for a crave-worthy snack. That said, it is made with Ecuadorian cocoa, which can trigger heartburn for some people. If you have GERD or acid reflux, we recommend trying samples, or choosing another flavor.

How to use meal replacement powders?

1 serving of meal replacement powder can be mixed with 1-2 cups of cold milk or water to make a meal replacement shake. It can also be added to smoothies, oatmeal, and other recipes. A meal replacement shake can be used to replace a meal, or part of a meal. It can also be used as a snack for extra calories and protein.

When to use meal replacement powders?

The best time to add our high protein meal replacement powder to your diet is in the morning. Eating lots of protein breakfast will keep you full until lunch, discourage overeating, and reduce snacking later in the day. Higher protein intake at breakfast is also associated with higher total daily protein intake. In other words, a high protein breakfast, despite its satiating effects, allows you to maximize the amount of protein that you consume over the course of the day.

Protein powders vs meal replacement powders.

The difference between protein powders and meal replacement powders is the nutrition content. Protein powders tend to be high in protein, and low in everything else. Meal replacement powders, on the other hand, contain more fats, carbs, and other nutrients because they are intended to replace the nutritional value of a meal. You can use a protein powder as a meal replacement if you add other ingredients, but using a meal replacement powder is a better option if you are looking to replace a meal.

Are meal replacement powders healthy?

Meal replacement powders and shakes are perfectly healthy, as long as they are made with only real foods. Unfortunately, most meal replacements contain added ingredients that can cause painful side effects and long-term health problems. That is why Jack created drink wholesome.