Who started Drink Wholesome?

Drink Wholesome was started by a high school teacher and coach named Jack. Jack was sick of protein powders that upset his stomach, so he made his own with a short list of simple ingredients.

Who is Drink Wholesome for?

Drink Wholesome is for two types of people: 

1. People with sensitive stomachs – Drink Wholesome is perfect for people with sensitive stomachs and gut issues like IBS.

2. People who care about ingredients – Our protein powders and meal replacement powders are also for people who want a short list of simple ingredients. If you are sick of extra processing and added junk, you have come to the right place.

Collagen vs egg white vs almond protein?

You may have noticed we offer three types of protein powder: collagen protein powder, egg white protein powder, and vegan almond protein powder. The reason we offer these three types is to accommodate the needs and preferences of as many customers as possible.

As long as you are eating a balanced diet, any of these protein powders can help you achieve your wellness goals. Just pick the one that best suits your personal needs and/or preferences.

Protein powder vs meal replacement powder?

The difference between meal replacement powders and protein powders is the nutrition content. Protein powders are high in protein and low in everything else. Meal replacement powders, on the other hand, contain fats, carbs, and other nutrients in addition to protein as they are intended to replace the nutritional value of a healthy meal.

One-time order vs subscription?

You have the option to place a one-time order, or Subscribe & Save. Subscribers save 15% on every order, which is automatically delivered to their door. Subscriptions may be canceled at any time, and are an affordable, convenient option for people who use drink wholesome regularly.