Brittany Adelman, RDN

Hi! Brittany here. I’m a Board Certified and Licensed Registered Dietitian who specializes in Functional Nutrition for Mental Health and Mood Disorders.

I work with individuals who struggle with ADHD, anxiety, depression, OCD, disordered eating, and body image, encompassing a whole-person approach to mental health by focusing on gut health, hormonal health, nutrient optimization, and healthy food relationships.

Brittany Adelman, Registered Dietitian

Why I drink wholesome

drink wholesome is great for busy work days when I am needing some extra protein and want something gentle on my stomach.

I like that it has a mild flavor and doesn’t contain artificial sugars, which can be harsh on my digestion. I’m a big fan of adding it to smoothies!

You can follow me @the.mind.dietitian on Instagram and learn more about my work on my website.