What are the best meal replacement shakes for GERD?

drink wholesome makes the best meal replacement shakes for GERD with a short list of simple ingredients. If you are looking to boost your protein intake without the extra processing and added junk, you have to come to the right place. Order samples to see if our GERD meal replacements are right for you. 


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drink wholesome makes the best meal replacement shakes for GERD.

Written by Jack Schrupp & endorsed by Baylee Reller, RDN

What is GERD?

GERD stands for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. It is a chronic digestive disorder that occurs when stomach acid flows back into the esophagus.

The esophagus is the tube that connects the mouth to the stomach. Normally, a ring of muscle called the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) prevents stomach contents from flowing back into the esophagus.

In individuals with GERD, however, the LES may weaken or relax abnormally, allowing stomach acid and other stomach contents to reflux into the esophagus. The reflux of stomach acid into the esophagus can lead to various symptoms and complications, including heartburn, difficulty swallowing (dysphagia), and chronic cough.

GERD can be managed with lifestyle changes, such as avoiding trigger foods, eating smaller meals, and not lying down after eating. Over-the-counter antacids or medications that reduce stomach acid production can also be used to provide relief.

Is meal replacement powder good for GERD?

People with GERD may not eat enough, or enough of certain foods, because of the pain and discomfort associated with eating. Over time, this can lead to malnutrition and weight loss. A meal replacement shake, as long as it does not trigger acid reflux, is a great way to avoid these outcomes, and ensure that you are getting the calories and nutrients that you need. That said, not all meal replacements are created equal.


What is the best meal replacement shake for GERD?

Unfortunately, the average meal replacement is full of added ingredients that are a) bad for your gut health and b) known to cause acid reflux. Sugar alcohols and thickeners like inulin and carrageenan are among the top offenders, but there are many more. This is why it is so important to read the ingredient list before buying a meal replacement. As a rule of thumb, look for a short list of simple ingredients. The fewer and the simpler the ingredients, the better.

Why drink wholesome?

drink wholesome is additive-free.

One of the reasons why we make the best meal replacement shakes for GERD is that we do not use food additives. Most other meal replacements, on the contrary, contain a cocktail of additives. Even in small quantities, these ingredients can lead to gastrointestinal (GI) side effects like bloating, constipation, diarrhea, flatulence, and stomach pain. Food additives can also cause acid reflux.

Because food additives look nothing like real food, they are hard to digest and sit in your gut for longer than food should. If you have GERD, this is a problem for two reasons. First of all, lingering food additives can trigger the overproduction of stomach acid. Food additives can also feed your gut bacteria, which produce gas. Excessive gas can put pressure on the small intestine and stomach, pushing stomach acid into the esophagus. 

Here is a list of the most common food additives in meal replacement powder:

acacia gum, acesulfame potassium, artificial flavors, aspartame, carrageenan, cellulose gum, dextrin, dextrose, erythritol, gellan gum, guar gum, gum arabic, inulin, locust bean gum, “natural” flavors, maltodextrin, rice syrup solids, soy lecithin, silica, sucralose, sunflower lecithin, xanthan gum, xylitol

In the long term, food additives can disrupt regulatory pathways within your intestines, increasing the risk of developing inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and other systemic inflammatory disorders. Additives, particularly artificial sweeteners, can also damage your gut microbiome (the collection of microorganisms living in your gut), thus impacting your ability to digest and absorb food.

the alternative:


drink wholesome is dairy-free.

Another reason why we make the best meal replacement shake for GERD is that we do not use dairy-based proteins. Dairy-based proteins like whey and/or casein protein, which are byproducts of the production of cheese and yogurt, are hard to digest for one-third of all adults.

This happens because one-third of adults have lactose intolerance, meaning they lack the enzymes needed to fully digest lactose, the sugar in dairy. As you now know, partially digested food can cause acid reflux and other side effects. 

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drink wholesome is made with real foods.

A final reason why we make the best meal replacement for GERD is that we do not use protein concentrates or isolates. Almost all other meal replacement powders are made from one or both of these protein sources.

Protein concentrates and isolates have been stripped down to just the protein by means of mechanical and chemical processing, sometimes involving solvents like hexane. What you use to make a meal replacement shake therefore looks very little like real food. 

Your gut is designed to digest minimally or unprocessed foods, not protein concentrates or isolates. This is why research indicates that regularly consuming  ingredients like these can disrupt the balance of your gut microbiome. This, as you might imagine, is the last thing you want if you have GERD.

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Instead of using protein concentrates or isolates, we make the best GERD meal replacements with egg whites and almonds. Minimally-processed protein sources like these are a gut-healthy alternative to protein concentrates and isolates.

Unlike protein isolates and concentrates, egg white and almonds contain enzymes and natural digestive aids that make them easier to digest. Egg whites have the added advantage of being low fiber, low FODMAP, alkaline (helping maintain a healthy gut pH), and bioactive (fostering the growth of good gut bacteria).

Almonds, on the other hand, are also super gut healthy! They are prebiotic, meaning they enhance the diversity of your gut microbiome, and give you regular and healthy bowel movements. Simple, gut-friendly ingredients like this are our secret to making best meal replacement shakes for GERD.


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vanilla meal replacement powder

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