The Best Tasting Egg White Protein Powder

What is best tasting egg white protein powder? 

Drink Wholesome is the best tasting egg white protein powder. It is made (by hand in the USA) with 100% real foods – no chalky protein isolates, no added junk, just real foods.

Drink Wholesome is best tasting egg white protein powder.

No foam. 

Unlike plant-based protein, egg white protein is not gritty. Instead, it has a smooth mouthfeel similar to that of whey protein. Egg white protein does have a tendency to foam when hydrated and mixed, however, which some people do not like. 

Mixing adds air to egg white protein, which causes it to denature (change shape). The water-loving parts of the protein stay in the water and the water-fearing parts can stick out in the air. These rearranged proteins then bond with each other, creating a network that holds the air bubbles in place. The result is a foam, not a creamy protein shake. 

In order to solve this problem we added coconut meat to our recipes. Coconut meat has a high fat content and the addition of even a small amount of fat will interfere with the formation of a foam. It follows that our egg white protein powders do not foam like other egg white protein supplements. 

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No eggy flavor.

Many egg white protein powders taste eggy. The longer an egg sits before it is processed, the more eggy it tastes. Many egg white protein powders are made with eggs that sit for over 30 days before they are broken. No wonder they taste bad! 

The egg whites that we use were broken, pasteurized, and dried less than twenty four hours from when they were laid. The result is a neutral flavor without the saltiness or sulfur “eggy” notes typical of eggs. Order samples to see for yourself. 

No chalky aftertaste. 

Many egg white protein powders also have a chalky aftertaste. This is because they are made with protein isolates. Protein isolates are foods chemically or mechanically stripped of everything but the protein. Unlike real foods, they are missing the nutrients that make food taste good. Protein isolates are listed on the ingredient list as “egg white protein” as opposed to “egg whites.” 

Drink Wholesome makes egg white protein powders with 100% real foods, foods close to nature. Our chocolate protein powder, for example, is made with egg whites, coconut, cocoa, and monk fruit. Real food ingredients are much better tasting than protein isolates.

You are reading an article by Drink Wholesome, a small company from New Hampshire. Drink Wholesome has taken a fundamentally better approach to protein powder by using 100% real food ingredients. Research suggests that ingredients like these are better for you than the highly processed food additives found in most protein supplements. They are also far better tasting than the chalky protein isolates that you are probably used to. Order samples to see for yourself.

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Drink Wholesome is the best tasting egg white protein powder.