How Much Is A Scoop Of Protein Powder?

How much is a scoop of protein powder? 

How much is a scoop of protein powder? Most protein powder scoops are intended to hold 1 serving, or about 20 grams of protein. That said, the weight of a scoop of protein powder can vary a lot. Worried about taking too much protein powder? Try Drink Wholesome. It is made with 100% real foods. You cannot overdo it.

Here is the scoop on protein powder. 

This is a hard question to answer. “How much” probably refers to the amount of protein in the scoop, but it could also refer to the weight of the protein powder in the scoop. Moreover, there is no standard scoop size, and the weight of a scoop of protein powder is wildly inconsistent. Your scoop could be half or twice the size as my scoop, and even if we are using the same scoop, we could be scooping drastically different amounts of powder. I will therefore do my best to cover all the bases, and help you understand your protein powder scoop size. 

What is a scoop? 

Many protein powder manufacturers include a plastic scoop in their packaging to help customers measure a serving. The scoop is often buried in the powder itself, so if you just opened a new package and cannot find your scoop, you may have to dig for it. 

Not all protein powder manufacturers provide a scoop, however. Our protein powders, for example, do not come with a scoop. We do not include scoops because we are trying to limit the amount of plastic waste that we generate. 

Although scoops are convenient, they are not necessary. Moreover, many of our customers are subscribers, meaning that they buy one or more bags a month. If we were to include scoops, hundreds of customers would receive 12 + scoops each year, which is a lot of wasted plastic. Instead of scoops, we list our serving size in cups. One serving of our chocolate protein powder, for instance, is “about ½ cup.” 

If a manufacturer includes a scoop, the serving size will be listed in scoops. Generally, 1 serving is 1-2 scoops. Sometimes a manufacturer uses “heaping scoop,” which is the maximum amount of protein powder that can be scooped at once. 

Why do scoop sizes vary? 

Different manufacturers use different scoops, so you cannot use any old scoop and expect an accurate serving size. You must use the scoop included in the original packaging. If you use another scoop, you risk measuring a bigger or smaller serving. 

Scoops, especially heaping scoops, are not an accurate measure of a serving size. The amount of protein powder in a scoop can vary from serving to serving depending on how densely the powder is packed, and/or how much powder is heaped. For an accurate serving size, you have to weigh your protein powder using a kitchen scale. The serving size is always listed in grams (g) on the Nutrition Facts panel, regardless of whether or not the manufacturer includes a scoop. 

Keep in mind that the Nutrition Facts are based on the serving size. If the serving size is one 30 grams and you scoop 60, you are getting twice the calories, protein, etc. than what is listed on the label. Also note that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allows a margin of error of 20% for the values on the Nutrition Facts label. This means that a 100 calorie serving of protein powder could contain anywhere from 80 to 120 calories without violating the law. 

How much is 1 scoop of protein powder? 

Most scoops of protein powder are intended to hold 1 serving, or about 20 grams of protein. That said, some scoops only hold ½ serving, and how much protein powder is in the scoop depends on how densely the powder is packed, as well as how much powder is heaped. Again, for an accurate serving size, refer to the Nutrition Facts panel for the weight in grams and use a kitchen scale. 

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