The Best Protein Powder For Kids

The Best Protein Powder For Kids

Drink Wholesome is the best protein powder for kids.

Is protein powder good for kids?

Protein is essential for the growth and development of every child. If you are concerned that your child is suffering from a protein deficiency, I recommend that you consult a pediatrician. Malnutrition is not something to be taken lightly. If you are just looking for a quick and easy way to get more protein into your kid’s diet, however, protein powder is a great place to start. That said, it is important to acknowledge that protein powder is a supplement, and should not replace normal food. Whenever possible, you should feed your children balanced, nutritious meals. For most kids, this should be more than enough to cover their protein needs. Some kids, however, may need an extra protein boost; maybe they are picky eaters, or maybe they have a dietary restriction. If this is the case for your kids, protein powder can be a life saver. Not all protein powders are created equal, however, so keep reading if you think protein powder may be a good option for your child. 

Is protein powder safe for kids? 

At the end of the day, protein powder is just food. It is perfectly safe for anyone, including children. Having said that, you should know that some protein powders are better for you than others. Take a look at the ingredient list on a given protein powder. Chances are you will find a long list of unfamiliar ingredients. Ingredients like these are highly processed added junk (additives) that add little to no nutritional value to your diet. Common protein powder additives include soy and sunflower lecithin and guar and xanthan gum. As a rule of thumb, if a protein powder has ingredients you cannot pronounce or find in your kitchen, do not put it in your cart. 

What is the best protein powder for kids?

The best protein powder for children is made with real foods. Real foods are single ingredient foods close to nature.  They are nutritious and delicious! They are also easy to identify on the ingredients list. Protein isolates are listed as “whey protein,” “pea protein,” and “soy protein,” as opposed to “milk,” “peas,” and “soybeans.” For the sake of your kid’s taste buds, choose a protein powder made with real foods, not protein isolates. Remember, if it does not taste good, your kid will not eat it! In case you were wondering, artificial sweeteners are NOT real foods. If a protein powder contains sucralose, acesulfame potassium, or any other artificial sweetener, leave it on the shelf! These ingredients taste awful, and have been shown to have nasty side effects.

Drink Wholesome is the best protein powder for kids because it is made with delicious real food ingredients. Our chocolate protein powder, for example, is made with only four real foods: egg whites, coconut, cocoa, and monk fruit. Your kid(s) will love it! Order samples to be sure! 

You are reading an article written by Drink Wholesome, a small, local company from New Hampshire. Drink Wholesome has taken a fundamentally different approach to protein powder. We use 100% real food ingredients. Research suggests that these ingredients are better for you than the highly processed additives and protein isolates found in most protein powders. They are also far better tasting as they contain the complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and other nutrients that make food taste good. Order samples to see for yourself.

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