The Best Protein Powder Waffles

Sick of protein shakes? Try our protein powder waffles. They’re an easy and delicious way to boost your protein intake! Jump to the recipe. 

Written by Jack Schrupp & endorsed by Baylee Reller, RDN

protein waffle recipe

Give your waffles a protein boost

What are protein powder waffles?

Protein powder waffles are a variation of traditional waffles where protein powder is added to the batter to increase the protein content. They are a popular choice among those looking to add more protein to their diet, especially at breakfast.

Why should you make protein powder waffles?

Everyone loves waffles. They are affordable, delicious, and easy to make. If waffles do not have one thing going for them, however, it is their nutritional profile. Waffles are high in carbs and fat and low in protein, making them a less-than-ideal breakfast option. This is where our high protein waffles recipe can help.

Eating more protein has a number of health benefits, including improved blood sugar control, increased intestinal calcium absorption, and better weight management. Protein is so good at helping you achieve and maintain a healthy body weight because it increases satiety, preventing cravings and overeating, and increases thermogenesis, or your metabolic rate and energy expenditure. In fact, clinical trials have shown that a high protein diet does more than just help you lose weight; it enhances body your composition by promoting fat loss and preserving muscle mass. 

Protein powder waffles are also highly customizable, allowing you to tailor them to your preferences and dietary needs. You can experiment with different types of protein powder, add-ins such as fruits, nuts, and spices, and toppings like Greek yogurt, nut butter, or maple syrup. Note that toppings like nut butter and yogurt will further increase the protein content of your waffles.

Protein powder waffles are easy to make too, and can be stored in the freezer for quick and convenient breakfasts during busy mornings. This makes them an excellent option for people with hectic schedules who still want to prioritize their nutrition.

Finally, protein powder not only boosts the protein content of the waffles, but also improves the flavor and texture depending on the type of protein powder used. Not all protein powders are created equal, however, and some options make better protein waffles than others.


Why drink wholesome?

For starters, our protein powders are made using whole food protein sources, not protein concentrates and isolates. Protein concentrates and isolates have been stripped of everything but the protein, which gives them unpleasant chalky taste and texture and can turn your waffles into hockey pucks.  Our vegan almond protein powders and egg white protein powders on the contrary, make for delicious, fluffy high protein waffles every time.

Our protein powders are also sweetened with maple sugar or monk fruit. Nearly every other protein powder company uses artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, or stevia, all of which have a bitter aftertaste because they trigger bitter taste receptors. Order samples to taste the difference.

Now, without further ado, here is the best protein powder waffle recipe. Enjoy!


-1/3 cup quick cooking oats

-1/2 cup cottage cheese

-1 large egg

-1/4 tsp baking powder

-1 serving vanilla protein powder

-pinch of salt


Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour the batter onto a preheated and greased waffle iron. Cook for two to three minutes, or until both sides are golden brown. Feel free to get creative with the toppings – my favorites are peanut butter and maple syrup! 

Are these recipes vegan?

These recipes are not vegan, but you can make them vegan by using vegan protein powder and substituting the cottage cheese for a banana. If you do so, and the batter is too dry, add 1-2 tbsp of plant milk.

Can I use any type of protein powder?

We prefer to use vanilla protein powder, but you can use any flavor of protein powder, including unflavored protein powder. If you choose to use the latter, you may want to add a splash of vanilla extract. 

How much protein is there per waffle?

Depending on the size of your waffle maker, there are 10 to 20 grams of protein per protein powder waffle.

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