The Best Protein Powder For Baking

What is the best protein powder for baking?

drink wholesome is the best protein powder for baking. It is made with stomach-friendly real foods. Order samples to see for yourself.

$29.99 or subscribe and save 10%
$29.99 or subscribe and save 10%

drink wholesome is the best protein powder for baking.

Sick of protein shakes? 

If you are sick of protein shakes, baking with protein powder is a great alternative. That said, not all protein powders are created equal and different protein powders yield different results in the kitchen. In my experience, whey protein powder turns baked goods into hockey pucks and pea protein powder makes everything taste like chalk. In fact, when substituted for flour, most protein powders will ruin a recipe. (I have wasted a lot of protein powder this way.) With enough trial and error, you can make most protein powders work, but how many rock-hard recipes are you willing to make?

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Why drink wholesome?

Here are 2 reasons why our protein powders are great for adding to your favorite baked good.

1) No protein concentrates or isolates. 

Most protein powders are made with protein concentrates and isolates, foods stripped of everything but the protein. They are listed on the ingredient list as “pea protein,” for example, as opposed to “peas.” Unlike real foods, protein concentrates and isolates are missing the nutrients that make food taste good. If you have ever had a protein shake with a chalky aftertaste, you know exactly what I am talking about. 

Our protein powders, on the other hand, are made with egg whites and chickpeas. Egg whites are simply broken, pasteurized, and dried before becoming protein powder. Chickpeas are just dried and ground. They have a natural, delicious aftertaste. 

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2) No artificial sweeteners or stevia. 

Most protein powders are sweetened with artificial sweeteners and stevia. These sugar substitutes are either way too sweet, or have a bitter aftertaste because they active bitter taste receptors in addition to sweet taste receptors. This bitterness, which many say reminds them of licking aluminum foil, can linger in your mouth for hours. 

drink wholesome , on the contrary, is sweetened with monk fruit. Monk fruit, also known as lo han guo, is a small, melon-like round fruit native to Southeast Asia. Monk fruit sweetener is made by removing the seeds and skin, crushing the fruit, and collecting the juice, which is then dried into a powder. As far as low/zero calorie sweeteners go, monk fruit is the most natural and best tasting. It actually tastes like sugar.

Again, drink wholesome is the best protein powder for baking. It is made with stomach-friendly real foods. Order samples to see for yourself.

drink wholesome is the best protein powder to bake with.

Hi, my name is Jack. I created drink wholesome because I was sick of protein powders that upset my stomach. drink wholesome is handmade in Plymouth, MA. 

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