The Best Protein Powder For Baking

The Best Protein Powder For Baking

Drink Wholesome is the best protein powder for baking. 

If you are sick of protein shakes, baking with protein powder is a great alternative. That said, not all protein powders are created equal, and different protein powders yield different results. In my experience, whey protein powder tends to turn baked goods into hockey pucks, and pea protein powder makes everything taste chalky. In fact, when substituted for flour, almost protein powders will ruin a recipe. (I have wasted a lot of protein powder this way.) This is probably because most protein powders are made with protein isolates, which are stripped of everything but the protein. This means that they no longer contain the healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and other nutrients that make food taste good. They therefore turn moist, fluffy desserts into dry, rubbery messes. Sigh… 

With enough trial and error, you can make most protein powder substitutions work. That said, how many rock hard muffins are you willing to make? If you are anything like me, and you like to get it right the first time, then I suggest that you reach for Drink Wholesome. Drink Wholesome is made with real foods. Take one look at our packaging and you will know exactly what I mean. Instead of isolates, we use minimally processed whole food protein sources like egg whites and peanuts. 

Drink Wholesome is also made with ONLY real foods. Unlike most protein powder companies, we do not use food additives, not a single one. Food additives like sunflower lecithin and xanthan gum are seemingly ubiquitous when it comes to protein powder; and they are, as far as I am concerned, nothing more than added junk. At best they add little to no nutritional value to your diet, and at worst they will upset your stomach. We therefore find ways to replace them with real foods. 

We have a selection of flavored protein powders, including a vegan option, and we have worked many of these flavors into recipes, including my personal favorite banana bread. Check out our blog for more recipe ideas. We also have an unflavored option. It is made with one real food ingredient – egg whites – and can be incorporated into almost any recipe. 

At the end of the day, you probably want to bake with a protein powder that is going to give you the best taste and texture. Unfortunately, the only way to know for sure is to try it. That is why we make it easy to order samples of Drink Wholesome here on our website. Although we are confident that we make the best protein powder for baking, you should decide for yourself. 

You are reading an article written by Drink Wholesome, a small, local company from New Hampshire. Drink Wholesome has taken a fundamentally different approach to protein powder. We use 100% real food ingredients. Research suggests that these ingredients are better for you than the highly processed additives and protein isolates found in most protein powders. They are also far better tasting as they contain the complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and other nutrients that make food taste good. Order samples to see for yourself.

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