The Best Matcha Protein Shake

Written by Jack Schrupp and reviewed by Ella McGonagle, M.S. Nutrition

This is the best matcha protein shake you will ever make, period. Boosting your protein intake has never been so delicious. Jump to the recipe.


“It’s gut-friendly and made with 100% real foods.” -Codie


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Why make a matcha protein shake?

Why drink wholesome? 

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Make the best matcha protein shake drink wholesome.

Why make a matcha protein shake?

Matcha protein shakes are an excellent choice for those looking for a healthy, nutritious beverage with an energy boost. Matcha is a finely ground powder made from green tea leaves that has grown in popularity in recent years due to its numerous health benefits. Here are 3 reasons why you should drink matcha:

1. Matcha is rich in antioxidants. Matcha contains high levels of antioxidants, natural substances that may prevent or delay some types of cell damage and help reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

2. Matcha boosts brain function. Matcha contains a small amount of caffeine and an amino acid called L-theanine, which work together to improve brain function, including concentration, memory, and mood.

3. Matcha increases metabolism. The combination of caffeine and antioxidants in matcha can increase metabolism and help burn fat, making it a good choice for weight management.

Adding matcha powder, or matcha protein powder to your protein shake can help you power through your day with sustained energy and focus and reach your wellness goals. Whether you are looking for a healthy breakfast or midday energy boost, a matcha protein shake is an excellent choice.

Why drink wholesome?

This recipe was made with drink wholesome – the only matcha protein powder made with 100% real foods. Given its simple ingredient list, it makes delicious protein shakes. Most matcha protein powders, on the other hand, are not good for shakes because they are made with protein isolates. Isolates, which are listed on the ingredient list as “pea protein” and “whey protein” as opposed to “peas” and “whey,” are foods stripped of everything but the protein. Unlike real foods, they are missing the nutrients that make food taste good, and make protein shakes taste like chalk. 

the alternative:

Protein Matrix Comprised of (Whey Protein Concentrate,  Whey Protein Isolate, Calcium Caseinate, Micellar Casein, Milk Protein Isolate, Egg Albumen, Glutamine Peptides), Polydextrose, Sunflower Creamer (Sunflower Oil, Corn Syrup Solids,  Sodium Caseinate, Mono- and Diglycerides, Dipotassium Phosphate, Tricalcium Phosphate, Soy Lecithin, Tocopherols), Natural and Artificial Flavor, MCT Powder (Medium Chain Triglycerides, Nonfat Dry Milk, Disodium Phosphate, Silicon Dioxide), Lecithin, Cellulose Gum, Salt, Yellow 5, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium, Papain, Bromelain.

*This is the actual ingredient list of one of the best-selling protein powders in the United States.

Another reason why drink wholesome is perfect for shakes is that it is sweetened with monk fruit. Monk fruit, also known as lo han guo, is a small, melon-like round fruit native to Southeast Asia. It is turned into a sweetener by removing the seeds and skin, crushing the fruit, and collecting the juice, which is then dried into a powder. Monk fruit sweetener is sweet like sugar, unlike the artificial sweeteners and stevias used to sweeten most protein powders. Artificial sweeteners and stevia have an awful bitter aftertaste because they activate bitter taste receptors in addition to sweet taste receptors. They may be sugar-free, but they will ruin your protein shake. Now without further ado, here is my favorite matcha protein smoothie.


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The Best Matcha Protein Shake Recipe


-1 cup milk (any type)

-1 serving drink wholesome matcha protein powder

-½ frozen banana

-½ avocado


In a blender, mix all of the ingredients until smooth. If you do not have a frozen banana, or if your shake is too thin, add 2-3 ice cubes. If your shake is too thick, add more milk. 



“We’ve just finished a few bags and love your protein! I should have created it! But glad you did ;).” – Sally

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Boost your protein with drink wholesome.

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How much matcha should I add to my protein shake?

If you are using pure matcha powder, 1 tsp provides all the health benefits of matcha tea. That said, every matcha powder is different, and different types/grades will affect you differently. If you do not care for the guesswork, just use 1 serving of our matcha protein powder.

When should I drink a matcha protein shake?

Although many people like to drink matcha protein shakes before a workout, you can drink a matcha protein shake any time of day. Just be careful about drinking it right before bed, because the caffeine might keep you awake. 

What about ready-to-drink matcha protein shakes?

Ready-to-drink protein shakes are full of emulsifiers, stabilizers, thickeners, sweeteners, and flavors. Ingredients like these improve characteristics like taste, texture, and shelf stability, but can cause uncomfortable side effects and long-term gut damage. This is why I recommend that you make your own matcha protein shakes with a simple protein powder like drink wholesome.

This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. drink wholesome is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.[/vc_column_text]