Real Food Vs Protein Powder

Real food vs protein powder. (You can actually have your cake and eat it too.)

We often get asked whether protein powder can replace other sources of protein in a diet, and we always give the same answer: it depends. First of all, we do not recommend that you replace a meal with protein powder. Nothing can beat a nutritionally balanced home cooked meal. That said, sometimes cooking a meal is not an option. Imagine, for instance, that you are rushing from the gym to the office, without access to a kitchen. This is where a protein powder is a great option. Not all protein powders are created equal, however. Most protein powders are a far cry from real foods. They are artificial, full of additives, and highly processed. Some single ingredient protein powders, like egg white protein powder, are an exception, but we have yet to find one that tastes good. Then there is Drink Wholesome.

Drink Wholesome’s egg white protein powders are different. They are made using minimally processed real foods like egg whites, oats, and coconut – and nothing else. Unlike the vast majority of our competitors, we do not use artificial sweeteners, artificial or “natural” flavors, colors, preservatives, anti-caking or gelling agents, emulsifiers, stabilizers, or thickeners. Sounds pretty good, right? Well it gets better. Not only is Drink Wholesome as close to real food as protein powders get, it is delicious. In fact, we make the best tasting protein powders. Order samples online to see for yourself. 

We would like to add that our egg white protein powders contain complete proteins. The term “complete protein” refers to amino acids, the building blocks of protein. There are twenty unique amino acids that can form a protein, eleven of which the body can produce on its own, and nine of which it cannot. These nine amino acids are called essential amino acids, and we need to consume them as part of our diet. To be considered “complete,” a protein must contain adequate amounts of all nine essential amino acids. Most real foods do not have a complete amino acid profile, but if you eat a balanced diet this is nothing to worry about.

Now back to the original question: protein powder vs real food? Most protein powder brands would never claim that they offer a product superior to a handful of almonds or a chicken breast, but we would. Drink Wholesome combines the nutrition of real foods with the convenience of a nutritional supplement, all without compromising on taste. We still encourage you to get your protein from a nutritionally balanced meal whenever possible, but when circumstance dictates otherwise, reach for Drink Wholesome. Real food vs protein powder? More like real food protein powder, the best of both worlds.

You are reading an article written by Drink Wholesome, a small company from New Hampshire. Since 2020, we have taken a fundamentally different approach to protein powder by only using real food ingredients – ingredients you can pronounce and find in your kitchen. Now you can boost your protein intake without the added junk found in almost every other protein powder. Hooray! You will find that we also make the best tasting protein powder. What can I say, real foods just taste better.

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