Protein Powder That Doesn’t Cause Acne

Drink Wholesome is the best protein powder that doesn’t cause acne.

Does protein powder cause acne? It depends. Can protein powder cause acne? Probably. A number of rigorous studies have demonstrated an association between whey protein powder and acne, and although we cannot imply causation – we cannot prove that whey protein causes acne – these observations echo biochemical and epidemiological data supporting the relationship between the consumption of dairy products and acne aggravation. This means that you may finally have something to blame for your breakouts.

The relationship between food and acne is complicated, and a food that causes acne for one person might not have the same effect on someone else. That said, it is certainly possible that your whey protein powder is causing you to break out. This is because whey protein can indirectly stimulate insulin production, which regulates sebum production. Sebum, an oily, waxy substance produced by your body’s sebaceous glands, can clog your pores and cause acne. Whey protein can also hinder your ability to process blood sugar efficiently, which can cause inflammation, especially in your skin.

So if you have acne, we recommend temporarily cutting protein powder out of your diet to see how doing so affects your skin. If you find that your skin improves, you should seriously consider using a dairy-free option. Fortunately there are many options available, some of which are better than others. Our favorite protein powder that doesn’t cause acne is egg white protein powder. We prefer egg white protein powder because it has a complete amino acid profile and clean flavor. That said, there are many good plant based options too. Just be sure take a close look at the ingredient label because most plant based protein powders are loaded with food additives. Ingredients like these are highly processed derivatives of real food and have little to no nutritional value. Moreover, research has linked a diet high in highly processed foods to a host of health problems, including chronic disease. Some additives, like artificial sweeteners, may also affect your hormones in the same way that sugar does, and can cause acne. This is all to say that the ingredients in your protein powder matter.

Do you think you have protein powder acne? If you use whey protein powder, that may very well be the case, and we suggest switching to a dairy free alternative. Remember took look for one that is additive free. In this case, the options are slim, and most of them taste like chalk. There is one brand (Drink Wholesome, cough) that is 100% additive free and actually tastes good. You can order samples online.

You are reading an article written by Drink Wholesome, a small company from New Hampshire. Since 2020, we have taken a fundamentally different approach to protein powder by only using real food ingredients – ingredients you can pronounce and find in your kitchen. Now you can boost your protein intake without the added junk found in almost every other protein powder. Hooray! You will find that we also make the best tasting protein powder. What can I say, real foods just taste better.

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