How to make protein powder taste better?

Here are 5 easy ways to make protein powder taste better. 

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5 ways to make your shake taste better.

Why do most protein powders taste bad?

5 ways to make protein powder taste better.

Why drink wholesome? 

Why do most protein powders taste bad?

Not all protein powders taste good. In fact, most do not; they are either chalky, gritty, or have a bitter aftertaste. If you do not like how your protein powder tastes, my first suggestion is to find yourself a new protein powder. Protein powder should taste good because if consuming it is a chore, it is not sustainable in the long term. A diet is not a six-week affair, it is for life, so spend your hard-earned dollars on something that tastes good.

Firstly, many protein powders have a bitter aftertaste because they are made with artificial sweeteners or stevia. Unlike sugar, artificial sweeteners and stevia activate bitter taste receptors in addition to sweet taste receptors. This bitterness, which many say reminds them of licking aluminum foil, can linger in your mouth for hours. 

Second, most protein powders have a chalky aftertaste because they are made with protein concentrates and isolates, foods stripped of everything but the protein. Concentrates and isolates are listed on the ingredient list as “pea protein,” for example, as opposed to “peas.” Unlike real foods, they are do not have any fats or carbs, and therefore taste like chalk.

Finally, many protein powders, especially plant-based protein powders, have a gritty texture due to their insoluble fiber content. The more insoluble fiber a protein powder contains, the grittier it is. The grittiest protein powders tend to be those made with seeds (chia, pumpkin, etc.) and hemp. 

I understand that you might not be able to afford a new protein powder at this time, or that you are not willing to try something new until you have finished what you already have. If this is the case, continue reading. 

5 ways to make protein powder taste better.

Wondering how to make protein powder taste good? Start by following these 5 steps.

1. Protein powder tastes better when mixed with milk, including dairy-free milk, than when mixed with water. If you are unsatisfied how your protein powder tastes, and you mix it with water, switch to milk. This is especially true if you find your protein shake to be too sweet, as milk helps balance the sweetness of artificial sweeteners and stevia. Switching to milk does add a few more calories, but if you use cow’s milk, it also adds a few more grams of protein.

2. If your protein shake is too gritty, use a good blender or shaker bottle (with a whisk). Mixing protein powder with a spoon, or simply shaking it in a water bottle will leave you with a lumpy mess.

3. If your protein shake is too watery, add a frozen banana. As long as you have a good blender, it will thicken your shake.

4. If you are anything like me, you probably prefer a cold protein shake to a warm one. Add a handful of ice – no need to blend it – for a colder shake.

5. If you cannot, despite your best efforts, make your protein shake taste good, consider finding another use for your protein powder. Mixing it in oatmeal or yogurt are two great options. Check out these delicious high protein recipes for more inspiration.

A word to the wise – unflavored protein powder is not meant to be consumed with just milk or water. Although there are those who disagree, unflavored protein powder is best when blended in a smoothie or added to a recipe. Unflavored does not mean flavorless, and if you are unsatisfied with the taste of your unflavored protein powder, adjust your expectations. 

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Why drink wholesome

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